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The Winamp Cyrillic Howto


Here you can find some simple instructions how to set Winamp to display Cyrillic alphabet in the playlist and in the main window. Those instructions are for the latest version Winamp 5, and below, for version 2.

This page may be usefull for Bulgarians, Serbians, Macedonians, Russians, Ukrainians and other, living abroad and not having a Cyrillized (Russified) Windows system.

After those manipulations all songs with titles in Cyrillic (ID3v1 or ID3v2 tags) will be seen beautifully in Cyrillic. The songs whose titles are in the Latin alphabet are displayed normally.

The secret is to use a tweaked font (Arial Cyr) where I have replaced all Latin accented and diacritical letters with the normal Cyrillic ones (code page 1251), the same as on a Cyrillized system. Otherwise, I have internally renamed the font to "Cyrial" in order to avoid some conflicts with the system font family Arial.

Modern skin screenshot - classic skin screenshot

Notice: if your system uses a native Cyrillic encoding, all the instructions here may not be necessary. If you still don't see correctly the songs, try this (tip from Mario Ivanov): General Preferences > Media Library > Advanced Library options > Modify Settings and uncheck the option "Use library title Information for playlist item formatting"


Installation of the font "Cyrial"

The installation is not very difficult:

Now restart Winamp to let it recognize the new font.


Playlist window

The setting of the font in the playlist window is very easy.


"Classic" skins

The Classic skins are those from the old version 2. Some of them are pretty good and Winamp supports them (they say it is lighter and faster). Here is how to set the Cyrillic font in the main window.


"Modern" skins

Modern skins are beautiful, can be semi-transparent and can have different color themes, but they use more CPU. Here is how to set the Cyrillic font in the main window.

In short, clear all checkboxes (screenshot).

It should be done now. Happy listening!


Download other skins

If you wish, you can download here some nice Winamp skins, all with a definition for the font Cyrial. Those are "Classic" skins, compatible with the versions 2 and 5.

They come from the free (as in freedom) program XMMS for GNU/Linux and are compatible with Winamp and are all very good (preview: blueheart, inverse).

You have to copy the downloaded skins in the folder C:\Program files\Winamp\Skins.


What about Winamp 2?

If for some reason you cannot use Winamp 5, here is what to do for versions 2 (for example 2.91).

Put the skins in the folder C:\Program files\Winamp\Skins.

Now you can select the new skin (Alt+S)!

How to Cyrillize your favorite skin? Here is how to set the font Cyrial for any "classic" skin. If you have Winamp 3 or 5, read above, those instructions are only for Winamp 2.

Only experienced people should do this. If you don't understand something, don't try this.

Compress again the folder to, rename it to my_favorite_skin.wsz, and then, select it in Winamp (Alt+S).