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DupliTree - folder/directory duplicator

Last version 0.01 2004-01-12. Download duplitree_setup.exe, 117 kB As I happen to use less and less frequently the Windows operating system, the work on this program is frosen. This is probably the last release, regardless of what may be written in the documentation.

This software is officially an "abandonware" - no longer developped neither supported.


This freeware software is provided in the hope that it may be usefull, but without any warranty.

Graphical interface (GUI) for xcopy.exe. Creates/copies the entire sub-tree of a directory in another place, without copying the files. Lets you select the source and target directories and then starts xcopy.exe.
Run the instalation program, duplitree_setup.exe.
Right-click on a folder-source in Explorer and chose "DupliTree". In the program window you can change the source folder and add a destination folder. * Then click on the button "xCopy".

You can also start the program itself from the start menu shortcut.
You can change the interface language in the file duplitree.ini, section [main], item "lang". Write there a language that exists as a section below.

You can modify all language strings and add a new translation very easy. Translate the language strings of an existing language and add them as a section at the end of the file. Then change the language in the section [main].

Additional translation
; Contributed by Stefano
label_nowarranty=Duplicatore di cartelle files (directory). Si tratta di una interfaccia grafica di xcopy scritta da Petko Yotov. E' completamente Gratis. Senza alcuna garanzia.
label_source=Seleziona la cartella di partenza :
label_dest=Seleziona la cartella di destinazione :
chechbox_empty=Copia anche le cartelle vuote.
chechbox_close=Chiudi Duplitree dopo la copia

You can open the file duplitree.ini by clicking on the "Settings"-link in the main program window.
Advanced settings, debug
You can modify the path to the executable xcopy.exe. You surely know what you're doing. Change the path in the file duplitree.ini, section [main], item "xcopy".

For debugging purposes, the last program settings are saved in the section [debug] in duplitree.ini.

The command line for xcopy.exe is :
xcopy.exe "source dir" "dest dir" /I /T (/E)

xcopy.exe has lots of other possibilities, try :
xcopy.exe /?
Control Pannel > Add-Remove programs > DupliTree and push the button Add/Remove.

Or, Start > Programs > DupliTree > Uninstall