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About this page

Hello! Sorry for my bad English...

You can find here an unusual tabulature-drawing program. While most of the other similar programs offer one or several ways to play a chord, this one shows all possible combinations to "catch" any chord. You have the freedom to choose how to play every chord.

For example, the F#7 chord is somehow difficult to play, and no other book or program proposes this easy combination (044320):


When you choose a chord from the drop-down menus, in the big textarea will be printed the tab (or tabulature) with all places where you could press the strings in order to play the chord.

On the places where the note is the Tonique (the principal one, important for bass solos), it will be noted with an uppercase letter and surrounded by "eqal" signs (=). The other notes from the chord will be in lowercase letter surrounded by dashes.

In order to play a chord, you should press the strings on the selected places, the way it is comfortable and easy for you. Of course, you should press every chord with one only finger (select the place where it's easiest).

If a note is shown in the "zero bar", it means that you can play the string freely, wihtout "catching" it.

Nota bene: For simplicity and width reasons, for the "half"-notes only dièse (#) is used (no ideology here).

Other options

If your guitar is tuned differently than the usual way, you can change your settings in the third line : the strings are ordered upside down.

If you are left-handed, you may check the checkbox "Left-handed" to see the tabulature "leftside-right".

With the "Auto" checkbox on, new tabs will be printed as-you-change the chords from the drop-down menus. If cleared, you will have to press "OK" to calculate and show every next tab.

With the "Append tabs" checkbox on, all drawn tabulatures will be appended ont the top of the big text area: this way you can copy and print several tabulatures at a time.

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