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Euro currency convertor and Euro keyboard howto

Euro Calculator

Enter the amount to convert in one of the text
boxes below. You will immediately see the
corresponding values in all other currencies.
Indicative rates for 2019-10-30.

EUR Euro
USD US Dollar (1.109047/€)
GBP Pound Sterling (0.863492/€)
JPY Japanese Yen (120.645476/€)
CHF Swiss Franc (1.103536/€)
RUB Russian Ruble (70.62538/€)
BTC Bitcoin (6000€/BTC)
FRF French Franc (6.55957/€)
DEM German Mark (1.95583/€)
ESP Spanish Peseta (166.386/€)
ITL Italian Lira (1936.27/€)
NLG Dutch Guilder (2.20371/€)
BEF Belgian Franc (40.3399/€)
ATS Austrian Schilling (13.7603/€)
PTE Portuguese Escudo (200.482/€)
FIM Finnish Markka (5.94573/€)
IEP Irish Pound (0.78756/€)
LUF Luxembourg Franc (40.3399/€)
GRD Greek Drachma (340.75/€)
BGN Bulgarian Lev (1.95583/€)
CZK Czech Koruna (25.535496/€)
DKK Danish Krone (7.470113/€)
HRK Croatian Kuna (7.454009/€)
HUF Hungarian Forint (328.41428/€)
NOK Norwegian Krone (10.206422/€)
SEK Swedish Krona (10.752242/€)
ISK Icelandic Krona (138.255912/€)
PLN Polish Zloty (4.274769/€)
RON Romanian Leu (4.754355/€)
CAD Canadian Dollar (1.448574/€)
AED UAE Dirham (4.06728/€)
ARS Argentine Peso (66.61309/€)
AUD Australian Dollar (1.623767/€)
BRL Brazilian Real (4.429106/€)
BSD Bahamian Dollar (1.107664/€)
CLP Chilean Peso (805.228136/€)
CNY Chinese Renminbi (7.834188/€)
COP Colombian Peso (3828.666667/€)
DOP Dominican Peso (58.389252/€)
EGP Egyptian Pound (17.84332/€)
FJD Fiji Dollar (2.426424/€)
GTQ Guatemalan Quetzal (8.589957/€)
HKD Hong Kong Dollar (8.694215/€)
IDR Indonesian Rupiah (15669.575174/€)
ILS Israeli Shekel (3.91834/€)
INR Indian Rupee (78.485547/€)
KRW South Korean Won (1298.165256/€)
KZT Kazakhstani Tenge (429.957219/€)
MXN Mexican Peso (21.147712/€)
MYR Malaysian Ringgit (4.641138/€)
NZD New Zealand Dollar (1.745937/€)
PAB Panamanian Balboa (1.107664/€)
PEN Peruvian Nuevo Sol (3.69874/€)
PHP Philippine Peso (56.739992/€)
PKR Pakistani Rupee (172.536481/€)
PYG Paraguayan Guarani (7309.272727/€)
SAR Saudi Riyal (4.158434/€)
SGD Singapore Dollar (1.510769/€)
THB Thai Baht (33.475579/€)
TRY Turkish Lira (6.36522/€)
TWD New Taiwan Dollar (33.905833/€)
UAH Ukrainian Hryvnia (27.701639/€)
UYU Uruguayan Peso (41.44433/€)
VND Vietnamese Dong (25869.642857/€)
ZAR South African Rand (16.159824/€)
EuroCalculator, © 2000-2019 Petko Yotov


Two things on this page :

How to type the € (euro) symbol on the keyboard

Some keyboards lack the Euro symbol. Here you can learn how to enter "€" with your keyboard. As there are several ways to type it, remember the one that works for your computer and use it.

On most computers, one of the following keyboard shortcuts will do the job:




Brief explication

AltGr, is the right Alt (it's written Alt or AltGr), the digits are those on the keypad to the right.

Press down AltGr, then "e", then release up "e" and release up "AltGr". Same for the other commands.

For the last two combinations press down the left Alt key, then press down and release up 0, 1, 2, 8, then releaseup Alt. The GNOME shortcut similarly.

If none of the those seem to work, instead with AltGr, try with Alt, Ctrl, "e", then release "e", Ctrl, Alt. You can also try the digits on the big left part of the keyoard.


The 'charmap' program shows the Euro keyboard shortcut There is one last way to find out your euro keyboard shortcut.

In the box that will popup, you will see different letters and symbols. If you select with the mouse the Euro symbol, in the lower right corner you will see the keyboard shortcut.