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jpeg-Diet, one-to-multiple JPEG batch-convertor, cruncher and optimizer


This is the homepage of jpeg-Diet, a batch converting picture shrinker and optimizer. Table of contents:

Download the latest version 0.26b, 334 kB (2004-06-11). As I happen to use less and less frequently the Windows operating system, the work on this program is frosen. This is probably the last release, regardless of what may be written in the documentation.

This software is officially an "abandonware" - no longer developped neither supported.


About jpeg-Diet

The JPEG compression format is very widely used for digital pictures. It offers good image quality and small filesize and is the recommended format for photographies.

jpeg-Diet creates multiple copies of your pictures with different quality settings, resulting different filesizes. That allows you to choose the best ratio quality/filesize for every image that you would publish on your website, blog or gallery, or mail to your friends.

Check out an excellent freeware picture viewer that has very nice features: IrfanView. I use it all the time. The only feature it lacks is a multiple-quality-resampling from one source file. That's why I wrote jpeg-Diet.

This help file is rather brief, because the intended audience has some basic knowledge.

This software is based in part on the work of the NetPBM community and of the Independent JPEG Group.



Here are some screenshots of the user interface. Newer versions may differ from these pictures.

diet-start.png diet-processing.png diet-start-bg.png diet-ask-bg.png


Right-click on a JPEG-picture in your explorer and chose SendTo > jpeg-Diet. The program will create multiple copies of your file, with different quality settings, defined by you in an algebric regression.

Here are the main settings:


Advanced settings

There are some options that you can tweak in the file jpeg-diet.ini. Much more are to come in the next version, so stay tuned.


Terms of use

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but without any warranty; without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. You can only use it on your own risk.

The program is distributed for free as postcardware for personal, private use, at home, for personal websites and non-profit associations and organizations. If you like it, you can send me a (real) postcard with a view of the city/town/place where you live. This is the easiest way to register and will encourage me to continue working on the program. If you mention your e-mail, I'll send you a message when I recieve your postcard.

Address for postcard : Petko Yotov, 4 square Emile Zola, 75015 Paris, France.

If you wish to use this program professionaly, in your office, at your work, for your clients, the postcard is actually required.


To do list

This software is officially an "abandonware" - no longer developped neither supported. top