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Latin to Cyrillic alphabet online text converter


Here you can write with a Latin keyboard and transliterate the text to Cyrillic letters and vice-versa.

Write down the text to translate in the field below and select the action "To Cyrillic". Also check out the instructions below.

Latin to Cyrillic Convertor version 6.0u-rc2 Copyright © 1999 - 2006 Petko Yotov


Here are the basic features:

The letters

You can set whatever Latin letter or combination, corresponding to every Cyrillic one.

Uppercase letters are written automatically: in the above text-fields enter only lowercase letters.

You can set more than one latin variants for a letter, separate them with a slash "/": for example я:"ya/q/ia" or щ:"sht/6t".

Push the button "Save prefs" to set and memorize your preferences.

Skipping separators

With these separators you can define a text that doesn't need to be translated, for example:

Tova e na kirilica, a [tova nqma da se prevede].
Това е на кирилица, a [tova nqma da se prevede].

If you enter a double separator, left or right, for example "[[", it will not be used as a separator.

At the end you can remove the separators from the text by selecting the related command. You can modify the default separators, you can even choose the same character twice, like ##, @@, "", etc.

What is a Cookie?

A "cookie" is a small file with information, written on your hard disk. Your alphabet and separators are stored for 30 days. When you come back, your browser recognizes the page and fills in the forms.

Sometimes browsers are configured to block requests for "cookies" -- if yours is, you cannot have this facility. If you wish to "allow" the storing of information, that's how it's done:

This program on your website

You can install this program on your website, forum, guestbook etc. It is quite easy. Currently the documentation is in Bulgarian language only, but you surely can almost understand almost everything, or otherwise you can look at the source code.

For webmasters : download, another demo, description.